Steve Week 4 transcript

Steve Hi Babe, how are you? Missing you loads, hope you’re ok?

Shelly Hiya babe, yeah I’m good, missing you loads too, I’m fine. It’s just James that’s still struggling at school. I’m not sure what to do?

Steve Is he ok? Can I speak to him please?

Shelly Yes of course you can.

Steve Ok Thanks.

Shelly I’ll get him. James!!! James it’s your dad!

James Hi daddy, Miss you loads.

Steve Hi son are you ok? I’m missing my little man loads. Hope you’re ok? Keeping strong. I’ve heard you’re having some trouble at school. Is everything ok?

James Yeah, but the lads at school keep saying that I have no dad and it’s really upsetting me. I just want you to come home and pick me up from school so they can all see you and I can prove them wrong.

Steve Don’t worry son, don’t listen to any of them.


Hey, do you remember that time we went to Dudley Zoo? We saw all the meercats like on the advert?

James Yeah! And the tarantulas!

Steve That’s right. And there were the chimpanzees and the hyenas. And do you remember when that elephant dig the biggest wee ever?!

James (Laughing) Yeaah – ooo – it went on for ages! And then the zookeeper had to mop it all up! (James’ mood is now lighter)

Steve James? You know I’m here and I’m your dad. You know how much I love you. You’re my world! I’ll be home soon mate and I’ll pick you up from school every day. And we’ll go to the zoo again.

James Ok daddy. I can’t wait for that day. I love you so much. Miss you loads.

Steve I love you so much son, missing you every day, keep strong big boy. Look after your little brother and sister ok, give them a kiss from me. Bye for now. Talk tomorrow.

James Bye daddy.

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