Steve Week 2 transcript

(Steve is happy to call his girlfriend. Shelly however is not in a good mood at all. She is busy cooking dinner. The kids are playing up, not listening, fighting and she hasn’t slept because the baby has been up all night.)

Steve Hi Babe, Are you Ok? Missing you.

Shelly Hi. No I’m not, I ain’t fucking stopped, I’ve had no sleep coz Joshua’s been up and down all night, Jade and James have been running around non-stop, not listening to a word I say and fighting – (To kids) Look stop it! James, put that down now!

Steve Oh God, wish I was there to help. Do you want me to have a word?

Shelly Well you’re not fucking here are you, you’re in jail.


Steve Babe, are you ok?

Shelly No I’m not, I’m fucking knackered. I’ve had no help, I’m doing everything by myself… I’m really tired… I’m having a bad day.

Steve Do you want me to speak to the kids?

Shelly What difference is that gonna make? You’re not here are you?

Steve Don’t start having a go at me – I’m just trying to help. I can’t help it that I’m here… (Steve stops – he knows what he’s just said isn’t true.)


Shelly Oh fuck! Now the tea’s burnt. I’m going.

Steve I wish I was there to help you babe, I’m sor…

(Shelly hangs up before he can finish his sentence.)

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