Steve Week 1 transcript

Steve What have you been up to today?

Shelly Oh you know, the usual – trying to keep the kids happy. Can’t go anywhere really at the moment though – it’s Covid innit?!

Steve Yeah… I miss you all so much. Can’t wait to get out and be with you all.

Shelly It’s shit. I can’t believe I haven’t been able to visit you properly for months.

Steve Yeah I know. But I don’t wanna go through another one of those socially distanced visits – it was too difficult to hear you. We’re better off just talking or using Purple Visits. Unless you want to do a closed visit?


Shelly No – that feels too much like you’re being punished.

Steve I am being punished!

Shelly I know – you know what I mean… (Trying to lift the mood) The kids are looking forward to their next purple visit though.

Steve How they all doing?

Shelly Good. Great. Jade got an award for her maths homework, Baby J is actually sleeping, can you believe it, for once and James is at football now. Otherwise it would’ve been really good for him to talk to you.

Steve Oh how’s he doing? Everything ok?

Shelly Yeah, football’s good but.. oh you know what it’s not that big a deal.

Steve What isn’t? Is everything ok with him?

Shelly Yeah, well it’s a bit of stuff at school but listen let’s just enjoy this call, we can talk about that next time ok. How are you holding up?

Steve Good. Got a new pad mate but he’s cool.
(The phone beeps indicating the call is about to end)
Oh there’s the beep, love ya.

Shelly Love ya too. Bye.

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