Reggie Week 3 transcript

Dad How’s your head?

Reggie What do you mean?

Dad You know – your depression?

Reggie It’s OK – I get down some days but just got to pull through haven’t I? Are you and Mum OK?

Dad I got your letter.

Reggie And? Look I wrote them things down ‘cause I find it hard to talk about. Sorry…

Dad No – that’s fine Reg – I really appreciated what you said. I showed it to you mum as well. It made her cry. I know we don’t say it very much but we do love you you know?

Reggie I know. I just feel bad.

Dad There is one thing though. In the paper it said when you caused the accident that you were on the phone.

Reggie Yeah.

Dad Why?

Reggie (Pause) I was talking to you. You’d called me about something – can’t remember what it was now. As soon as I got off the phone, it slipped out of my hands – I took my eyes off the road and next thing I know there’s this cyclist…


(The phone beeps)


Dad Shit… Now I feel like it’s partly my fault.

Reggie No Dad – it wasn’t. Hang on – oh shit – we’re out of time, and I’m out of credit – Fuck it.

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