Reggie Week 4 Transcript

Reggie Dad.

Dad Reggie.

Reggie How are you?

Dad I’m alright, but I’m glad you’ve called.

Reggie Why?

Dad I’ve got a bit of bad news – it’s about your gran. Last Friday she had to go into hospital for a check up on her hip. Two days ago she told your mum her dinner didn’t really taste of anything. She called 111 and they sent the paramedics around cause of her age. She’s got Covid.

Reggie Oh no. No.

Dad Look it’s OK Reggie – You don’t need to get upset. She’s still at home but we can’t go in the house.

Reggie This is fucked up. If I was there I could go.

Dad No you couldn’t. No-one can go. That’s the rules. There isn’t anything you can do except maybe give her a call.

Reggie I haven’t got her number on my list – fuckin’ hell. Oh this is too much. I can’t deal with this.

(Reggie hangs up)

Dad Reggie? Reggie? Shit!

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