Phil Week 4 transcript

Phil Hi Andy – you OK bro?

Andrew Yes Phil, I’m good. Are you?

Phil Yeah I’m good. I just been thinking about when I get out and come and stay at yours I wondered if…

Andrew (Interrupting) Oh yeah – I need to speak to you about that.

Phil Why? What do you mean?

Andrew Well I spoke to the missus about it and she wasn’t happy with me telling you that you could stay here.

Phil Wha? So what does that mean then? Can I not stay there?

Andrew Well you can, but only for a couple of weeks, and there will be rules that you have to keep to!

Phil Look – I’ve been keeping to rules for the last 10 years – I’m used to it. That’s fine. You’re doing me a massive favour – I’ll do anything I can.

Andrew We need to try and get you your own place.

Phil I know. I’ll try my hardest when I get out. It’s just impossible trying to sort things from in here. We will sort it, I promise.

Andrew It’s OK. Just don’t let me down.

Phil I’m not going to. Look I don’t wanna burden you with more of my shit but Uncle Barry’s told me that job I was looking to get has gone ‘cause of all these Corona restrictions. Can you help me try and sort something?

Andrew I haven’t got anything I can give you. I think you’re going to need to sign on and get registered for Universal Credit. There’s no work out here at the moment and you’re going to need some sort of money.

Phil OK – that sounds like I don’t have any other choice at this point. I’ve heard it’s all done on computers now – hope you can help me with that?

Andrew I’ll do my best. Hey, I’ve got to go now. I’ll speak to you again soon.

Phil Bye.

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