Phil Week 2 transcript

Phil Have you spoken to Mum recently?

Andrew Yeah, I spoke to her yesterday. She’s in a bit of a bad way.

Phil Why? Is she drinking again?

Andrew Yeah.

Phil I can’t believe it. She was doing alright wasn’t she?

Andrew She was – well I thought she was. Turns out she started again not long after the first lockdown started. I didn’t know until her birthday in October. I went round to see her, unannounced – like a surprise. She’d only just got up – stank of booze… She just fessed up. She wants to try and get into rehab again though.

Phil (This potentially messes up Phil’s plans) Can I ask you a big favour?

Andrew Go on… What’s up?

Phil I was going to ask to stay at Mum’s, but if she’s going to rehab,I don’t want to put any stress on her. Could I come and stay at yours?

Andrew Yeah, you’re always welcome here.

Phil Oh thanks bro, you’re a life saver. I really appreciate it.

Andrew No problem.

Phil Hey, I’ve was speaking with Uncle Barry a while back – he reckons he can get me a job. A mate of his has a restaurant and they’re looking for someone to help out on the takeaway side of things. So that means if I can stay at yours and get working, it’ll keep probation off my back and I can get to see everyone again.

Andrew Yeah. So how are things in there?

Phil Same as it has been since March – 23 hour bang up. It’s rubbish.

Andrew Well I have to tell you, it’s not exactly brilliant out here either. All this lockdown, suppose it’s a bit like jail.

Phil No –it really isn’t.

Andrew I’m joking! No, I guess it’s nothing like jail. Just want it to stop now.

Phil We all do Andy, we all do.

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