Phil Week 1 transcript

Phil Hi Jo, it’s Phil… I know you probably don’t want to speak to me but there’s something we need to discuss.

Jo (Not happy) Is there? What’s that? You only have this number for emergencies.

Phil Why has Simone sent me a letter saying you don’t want her writing to me anymore, and that if she does, you’re gonna throw her out?!

Jo Because, I don’t want her to write to you anymore!

Phil Well she is my daughter you know. She’s 16.

Jo She might well be your daughter, but you haven’t done anything for her. Yes she’s 16 but she’s still a child, and she’s under my care. You’ve been in jail for the past ten years – she barely even knows you. Yes, you are her biological father but you haven’t exactly been a good dad have you?

Phil I know… I know I haven’t been there for her, but I’m trying to change that. I want to build a better relationship with her.

Jo You’ve had the past ten years to build a relationship with her. Why do you want to do it now?

Phil It’s hard in prison to build relationships. I’ve not been able to see her as much as I’d like to have done, especially after we split up, and I didn’t want her knowing about why I’d been sent down…

Jo Well I told her years ago why you’re in there and the fact that you’re a useless dad and a fucking druggy.

Phil That was then. I’ve changed, and I know you can’t see that because I’m in here. I’ll show you’ve I’ve changed when I get out. I want Simone in my life and I believe she wants me to be in her life too.

Jo I don’t believe you. It’s not happening.

(Jo hangs up)

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