28 Days explores some of the issues people face when they are in custody and offers simple advice to help people in prison maintain relationships with family and friends on the out. It follows the ups and downs of the lives of three prisoners and some of their family members over a period of four weeks during a pandemic.

Reggie, first timer and at the beginning of his sentence
Steve, mid-way through a third sentence
Phil, coming to the end of a long sentence

This website, and the associated booklet, was created through a series of drama workshops facilitated by Rideout (Creative Arts for Rehabilitation) held at HMP Hewell in October and November 2020. The information held within it was correct at the time of running those workshops.

NB The content of this site involves strong language and is not suitable for children.

All characters are fictional but their stories are based on the real life experiences of those involved in the drama workshops.

Rideout (Creative Arts for Rehabilitation) is a Registered Charity (no 1100181) with over 20 years experience of delivering drama, theatre and related arts-based work within prisons.